Dog training near Evesham Cheltenham and Tewkesbury

Gelert Behaviour Training is an independent company offering dog and other pet training services

We’re members of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and The Association of INTO Dogs.

The Gelert Story

Our name comes from an old Welsh tale of a prince and his favourite hunting dog.  The prince missed his dog on a hunt and arrived home to find the dog with his baby son’s cot upside down, covered in blood.  He killed the dog, thinking he killed the baby, then discovered the baby safe and the dead body of a wolf nearby.  We feel this represents how our dogs are so often misunderstood and fits our goal to increase understanding of our pets’ behaviour and needs.

As we have worked more with other species, the same misunderstandings apply and result in difficulties in the relationship between pet and owner. Often, simply explaining WHY your pet is doing something helps enormously!

How We Can Help

We teach you to train using force free, fun and effective modern scientific methods and take an holistic approach to your pet’s overall well being.

We are frequently asked to help with “problem” behaviours (there’s a list further down of some common examples) but we much prefer to work with you and a new pet to avoid any of these things happening. The earlier we teach you how to communicate with your pet, the easier life is for you and them!

We’d like to emphasise that we teach YOU what to do, so you can support your pet forever, and our goal is to empower you to make good decisions throughout your pet’s life.

Our Services

We offer one-to-one consultations to address problem behaviours, forming a training plan which we then help you to implement by making a plan to teach the various individual skills you and your pet need to overcome the problem and a management plan to keep you all safe whilst the learning is in progress.

We offer individual training with your pet in their normal environment (it could be at your home or on a walk, depending on what behaviours we are training) or at a safe outdoor venue where that is required. We have the facilities to practise skills in the presence of other animals, usually dogs, safely at a distance your dog is comfortable with.


Training Services

  • Advance preparation for a puppy arriving
  • Advance preparation for a rescue arriving
  • Puppy training (the most important!)
  • Rehabilitation support for rescue dogs
  • Halter training livestock and horses

Problem behaviours

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Birds
  • Reptiles

Equine and Livestock

  • Holiday cover for horses and smallholdings
  • Halter training

Common Problem Behaviours We Work With

  • Barking
  • Separation disorders
  • Livestock chasing
  • Poor/absent recall
  • Chewing furniture
  • Pulling when on the lead
  • Loss of house training
  • Age related disorders (CCD)
  • Introducing new pets
  • Appearing aggressive on lead
  • Fearfulness
  • Biting

Who We Are

Gelert Behaviour Training was set up by myself, Morag Sutherland, in 2004 in Buckinghamshire before moving to Worcestershire in 2012, where I met Liz Lannie, another Veterinary Nurse. We soon discovered a common interest in behaviour and training (and share a similar daft sense of humour!) and I invited Liz to work under the Gelert name too.

Morag Sutherland

I see myself as firstly an “interpreter” for the pet I am asked to help and teacher for the humans involved. I am a Registered Veterinary Nurse, (important as often there are health issues involved in animals’ behaviour) and have been a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (UK) since 2003 and an assessor for prospective new members since 2016.  I am thrilled to have been accepted as a member of the Association of INTO Dogs in May 2019 as the ethos of this organisation so closely matches my own.

In 2017, I was asked to be an Authorised Trainer for the RDUK Facebook group, supporting guardians of reactive dogs and I’m lucky to work with some fantastic colleagues there. I am very proud to be an Approved Trainer for the wonderful charity Dogs Helping Kids, and for DogAID and to be a trustee of the Bedlington Terrier Rescue Foundation .

APDT (UK) and the Association of INTO Dogs members are obliged to undertake regular continuing professional development in order to remain a member, which means we are working with good knowledge of current research, practical skills and equipment. That said, my main teachers are my own three dogs !

I have a special interest in nutrition for dogs and horses, particularly in how it affects their behaviour.


  • RVN (Veterinary Nurse)
  • C&G Certificate in Small Animal Nutrition
  • Association of INTO Dogs
  • Association of Pet Dog Trainers UK : Member no 00743
  • ABTC Registered Animal Training Instructor

Liz Lannie

Liz is also a Registered Veterinary Nurse. She has a degree in psychology, a postgraduate diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling and is also an APDT(UK) member.  Liz has recently been accepted for membership of INTODogs.

Liz has worked for many years in rescue centres in a variety of capacities, and brings this expertise, understanding and compassion to her clients today.

She has a young family as well as many animals (dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and rabbits !) and so currently acts as a consultant for Gelert.

We spend many hours discussing recent CPD, exchanging information we have read or gained from colleagues and practising on our own pets!


  • RVN (Veterinary Nurse)
  • Psychology BSc (Hons)
  • PG Dip Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling
  • Association of Pet Dog Trainers UK : Member no 00986
  • Association of INTODogs Member

How Our Services Work


Our initial consultation includes;

  • A detailed questionnaire for pet guardians to complete to provide background information (please click Canine Behaviour Questionnaire button to view below)
  • 2 – 3 hour consultation to discuss the problem and/or training goals
  • Membership of our private Facebook group where we post interesting articles, links, products and events
  • Priority access via the FB group to our events before they go public
  • Access to lots of information relevant to your pet’s overall well being
  • Travel within 10 miles of GL20 7PP is included


Following the initial consultation, we offer a training package discount when booked in blocks of 4 sessions, ideally taken about a week apart. The discounted lessons must be taken within 2 months of purchase.

Get in Touch

Please send us an email to arrange an initial consultation or discuss how we can help you.

For initial consultations, please fill out our Behaviour Questionnaire (click button below). As soon as we receive this, we will contact you to organise the first appointment.

Our Prices

Before 6pm
Evenings & Weekends
After 6pm,
& Saturday
Initial Consultation - at your home (travel extra, see below)
Subsequent Appointments*
per hour
per hour
Subsequent Appointments*
(when 4+ consults paid in advance)
per hour
per hour
Individual Training Walk with Client (weekdays only)
per hour
Individual Training Walk without Client - Inc. Collection of Dog within 5 miles of GL20 7PP (weekdays only)
per hour
Group Training Walk with Clients
£15.00 each,
per hour
£18.00 each,
per hour
Travel over a 10 mile radius of GL20 7PP
(according to Google maps time estimate)
£7.00 per
15 minutes
£7.00 per
15 minutes


Links to Colleagues

Our priority is your pet’s well being, and sometimes, we need to involve your own vet to rule out medical problems which could be affecting your pet’s behaviour.  Occasionally, there are deeper issues which perhaps more conventional treatments don’t quite get to the bottom of, and through supporting my own pets, I have found some really talented people with a variety of methods of helping,  here are links to some of them:

Dr Nick Thompson

Holistic Vet

Nick is a compassionate vet with a flare for seeing a clear way through challenging cases. He has a special interest in nutrition, and has taught me more than I can recall !

His practice is calm and peaceful, not many dogs enjoy a vet visit, a visit to Nick is a very different experience.  Nick’s support of the humans involved is exemplary, too.

I often ask Nick to help where I believe a change of diet is key to helping a dog, and he often adds lots more than I anticipate when seeking his help.

Dr Iris Ege

A.P. Vet

Iris is a vet also qualified in acupuncture and herbal medicine. She impresses me with her extreme empathy with her patients.  I have come to know and respect her more and more through helping her with her gorgeous whippet puppy.

She is also a keen rider and a great help when there seems to be an issue with pain in a horse which hasn’t been got to the bottom of.

She is particularly interested in biomechanics, and helping horses to use their bodies to the best of their ability.

Tony Nevin

Zoo Ost Ltd

Tony is a very, very experienced osteopath who I firstly tested on myself (after a rather dramatic flying lesson from my dear little pony !!), so I truly can personally vouch for his skills !

Tony has treated my horses for a few years now (often in conjunction with Lindsay Brazil) and the difference he makes is remarkable.  For me, the most important thing is that he lets them choose the pace and what they need, he really listens to each animal on each occasion that he sees them.  Tony’s sense of humour helps, too !

Gemma Hodson

All About Dog Therapy

I met Gemma very briefly at a local networking meeting, and the universe was determined that that should go further, as I then discovered she was a friend of Rachel Windsor-Knott, and also very highly regarded as a TTouch practitioner by Janet Finlay, who is someone I hold in very high regard!

Eventually, we properly got together for a chat, and Gemma now treats my dogs regularly, to their great benefit. Gemma has over 30 years experience with dogs, is a Tellington TTouch Training & Behaviour Practitioner for Companion Animals offering 121’s, workshops and talks around the UK and Europe. In 2018 she qualified as a Canine Musculoskeletal Therapist (Dist) through ICAT and is currently on a journey into the world of Applied Zoopharmacognosy.
I’m really happy to recommend Gemma’s work, she is very skilled, has a lovely manner (to humans and canines!) and her work coordinates exceptionally well with ours.

Bryony Tompkins

Cotswold Hound

We’re pleased to recommend Bryony and her team for walking and home boarding. They are all investing time and effort in learning more about dogs so that they can provide the best possible service whilst your dog is in their care.

We work together and the team call upon us—to advise how to make a dog’s walk or holiday as enjoyable as possible—if they have a concern (and sometimes to help owners to fix unreliable recalls or pulling on the lead, too!). It’s great to be supporting such a proactive team who are so keen to do the very best for your dog.

Sue Buckley

Bowen Technique

I discovered Sue when we moved to this area, and my rather challenging little pony needed a new therapist ! As well as being a Bowen therapist, Sue also teaches Bowen to future therapists.

Sue made some remarkable changes for my pony and is another person very empathetic with her patients (human, equine and canine !) so we are very happy to recommend her treatments.

Sue and her husband kindly allow us to us their lovely facilities where there is plenty of safe, dog free space for clients and dogs to practise their skills before using them on more usual walks !

Dr Lindsay Brazil

Cotswold Veterinary Acupuncture

Lindsay was introduced to me by Tony Nevin as they often treat patients together.  She is a veterinary surgeon using acupuncture to help her patients, and is also very skilled at listening to what her patients want.

I think the best testimony for her work is that my dog Tweazle will choose to lie on a rug at the stables, where he is normally busy exploring and enjoy his treatment with no form of containment at all!