Gelert Behaviour Training is an independent company offering support to animals and their caregivers with behavioural, emotional, physical and age-related challenges as well as guidance on species appropriate nutrition

How We Can Help

We teach you to train using modern scientific methods which are kind to your pet, fun for you AND your pet and are effective.  We take an holistic approach to your pet’s overall wellbeing and help you to make the best choices you can on behalf of your pet to promote their health.

We are frequently asked to help with “problem” behaviours (there’s a list further down of some common examples) but we much prefer to work with you and a new pet to avoid any of these things happening. The earlier we teach you how to understand and communicate with your pet, the easier life is for you and them!

We’d like to emphasise that we teach YOU what to do, so you can support your pet forever, and our goal is to empower you to make good decisions throughout your pet’s life.

Training Services

  • Advance preparation for a puppy arriving
  • Advance preparation for a rescue or “second hand” pet arriving
  • Puppy training (the most important!)
  • Rehabilitation support for rescue dogs
  • Teaching for children about safety around dogs
  • Teaching for children about training animals

Our Services

We offer one-to-one consultations in person or on line to address problem behaviours, initially forming a management plan to keep you all safe whilst you and your pet are learning. Sometimes, this means safe from harm, but more often, safe from learning things which may later be a problem to either you or your pet.  Next we make a plan for the future which we then help you to implement by teaching the various individual skills you and your pet need to coexist happily and healthily.

We offer individual training with your pet at our premises, or in their normal environment (it could be at your home or on a walk, depending on what behaviours we are training). We have the facilities to practise skills in the presence of other animals (usually dogs) safely at a distance your dog is comfortable with. We can also now offer residential training for you and your dog together.

Specialist Services

  • Support for reactive dogs (and, vitally, their humans)
  • Specialised training for dogs who are uncomfortable with husbandry procedures such as grooming, injections, veterinary examinations
  • Accompanied vet visits
  • Teaching how to help an aging pet maintain a great quality of life
  • Practical support at and after the end of your pet’s life

Common Problem Behaviours We Work With

  • Barking
  • Separation disorders
  • Livestock chasing
  • Poor/absent recall
  • Chewing
  • Pulling when on the lead
  • Loss of house training
  • Age related disorders (CCD)
  • Introducing new pets
  • Appearing aggressive on lead
  • Fearfulness
  • Biting

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