Pet Behaviour Questionnaire

Please provide as much information as you can in the below form Behaviour Questionnaire form.

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Your Household

Include their breed, age, reproductive status and how long they have lived with you.
Include their ages if under 18 years old.

About Your Pet

Include: age, breed, reproductive status (is your pet neutered? If so, at what age was the surgery performed?), any known health problems, does your pet receive any medication, conventional pharmaceutical/herbal/homeopathic/flower remedies/essential oils/food supplements.


e.g. How many puppies were present? How old were they? Were they allowed to play? Were you taught any training?


e.g. Training only? At bedtime?
e.g. Do they eat quickly or slowly? Do they stop eating if you approach them? Is this different according to who feeds them? Are they keen to eat? Do they have a good appetite? Are they fussy eaters? Do they eat quickly or slowly?

Everyday Activities

Also include; Do they get up before or after you? How long approximately do they sleep each day?
e.g. New furniture, moved furniture, new baby, new job, new person moved in, change of diet (for you or your pet), change to shift pattern/work hours.
Also include; Is there anyone they appear to dislike? What makes you think this?


Is your pet...

Please also detail... Does this differ between people?
Please also detail... If on a lead/lead rope? Is this different off lead/in a field?
Or other species (humans, in the case of your dog)
e.g. Licking, chewing, rubbing.
e.g. How long has the problem been present? How old was your pet when it began? How long had your pet lived with you when it began? What do you do when the behaviour occurs? If your pet has bitten anyone, please describe the wound (bruising, puncture, tear, chunk of flesh removed) How frequently does the problem occur? Have you tried anything yet to correct the problem? If so, what have you tried?

For cats, please send us a sketch plan of your house by e mail to

Thank you for taking the time to complete our questionnaire and provide the above information. As soon as we receive this, we will contact you to organise the first appointment using the details you have provided.