A few words from people we’ve worked with…

Linda Clarke

He’s so much calmer and more attentive and I just love watching his joy at being able to make choices for himself and getting it right, he looks so proud.  I cannot believe he’s the same dog as when you first came over.  I’ve stopped worrying about trying to change him and instead changed our expectations and remember his limitations – it’s made my life so much easier and less stressful.  I cannot thank you enough, I know we only met you twice but the advice you gave and directions you pointed us in made all the difference.

Jo & Hattie

I just wanted to thank you for all the amazing help and support you have given to Hattie and I. You have helped me so much, both in understanding and in providing us with the tools to improve.


We were introduced to Morag when we were having some training problems with our two Westies and we count ourselves very lucky that we found such a practical and knowledgeable lady.

Morag has become an important part of our dogs lives and she has worked wonders with them. She is a straight talking person who ‘tells it just like it is’ and during the training process for our dogs she has made a considerable contribution to our knowledge as well. She is kind, thoughtful, informative and above all practical.

We have no hesitation in recommending Gelert Behaviour to anyone who seeks help in any respect with their pet.

Anne and Karl

For a number of years I have had the absolute pleasure of being a Bernese owner. Beautiful and loving dogs but not without their issues. Especially my present girls. One being shy and the other, a total opposite as she is full on and has attitude.

I have known Liz for several years and she has helped advise my husband and I (my husband being the more resistant) to train the girls. Liz is a true professional and only uses positive enforcement methods which not only helps in having well behaved dogs but more importantly, develops a very loving and respectful relationship between dogs and their human owners.

Liz has an excellent understanding of how dogs tick and how we as humans sometimes, unwittingly, do things which can cause the relationship to breakdown. However, no matter what the issue, Liz provides hands on practical help, information and back up support. No problem is too much for her.

My husband and I owe a lot to Liz. She has certainly greatly helped us to have a positive and loving understanding with our Bernese. I would go as far to say she has bought sanity back into our home. Therefore, I would without any hesitation recommend her to any owner who relishes well behaved dog/s and the wonderful relationship that can be gained from the correct training, and, lots of loving.

Charli & Fred

After deciding to visit our local rescue, we were soon to became proud new guardians of a 1.5-year old Siberian Husky, who had never been on a lead and hadn’t an iota of training. Not knowing what problems we might encounter, we were delighted to find Gelert Behaviour. Morag was incredibly helpful from the outset before we even brought Shadow home, from giving us suggestions on how to gently introduce him to our senior cat, to guiding us on our desire to begin feeding a raw food diet and generally taking a holistic approach to caring for dogs naturally. We also loved the welcome pack that came with our initial consultation – a very thoughtful touch.

Over the first few weeks, Morag took us back to basics and we had to learn just as much as Shadow himself, if not more. At a steady and practical pace, we learnt how to read his behaviour and body language—seeing the world from his perspective—and to communicate with him appropriately; being firm but with compassion, with patience and always using positive reinforcement methods. As all of our basic skills and understanding developed, our weekly sessions became increasingly more dynamic and great fun, too. We now have a husky who is constantly complimented for being well-behaved when out in public, and can even do recall – something we were told would never happen with this particular breed!

In addition to our weekly 1-2-1 training sessions, Morag and Liz organise truly fascinating workshops and classes. We’ve found these events invaluable in continuing to develop our knowledge and understanding in being competent guardians… More please!!!

Morag helped us to get through the hardest stages of training with Shadow and was our lifeline for those first few months (and still my go-to for advice when I don’t know where to look – including fantastic recommendations of other specialists when needed). If anyone is looking for advice or training for their canine friends, I can’t recommend Gelert Behaviour enough!

Jo & Skye

We’ve had a consultation and four session with our little rescue dog from Greece called Skye and it’s made a huge difference. She’s a busy little dog who pulls on the lead and Morag has been so knowledgable in supporting her journey to relax more. Skye is turning into a more chilled dog and we can’t thank Morag enough. We’ve booked more sessions as it’s been so successful. We now have a dog who can chill out and walk on the lead without pulling.

Charlotte & Zeus

I met Morag when I was having an issue with one of my dogs. She was incredibly supportive when no one else was. Her advice really helped me and I knew that if my dog’s behaviour escalated I could ring her and she would be there for me. From this, I acquired her services to train my other dog, Zeus. She is such a patient and understanding person who will go out of her way to help you. I have some disabilities which prevents me from doing some things with my dog through training, however Morag will alter her training methods to suit your needs. She is clear and precise with her instruction and her love for animals is clear in her training methods. Everything she asks you to do is about the welfare of your dog. Moreover, she is such a friendly person who you can talk to about anything.

When she discovered my love for horses, she invited me to meet her two horses, Merry and Max. I now help her clean up their paddock and she is teaching me how to train the horses. This shows you her warm, friendly and caring nature however it is her big heart that guides her. She rescued Max after a friend told her about him. Previously, he was a race horse that was then used to play polo. He had gone lame and was about to be euthanized. Therefore, Morag took care of this beautiful horse to see if she could help him. Several months on, his leg is getting stronger and he is happy and healthy.

To have someone with such a love for animals and kind hearted spirit as my dog trainer is wonderful as I know everything is about the welfare of my dog.

Dee & Shadow

I am so glad I found Gelert Behaviour if it had not been for the help I received with my German Shepherd’s aggressive behaviour when he was just a young puppy he always wanting to do something I didn’t want him to do, I don’t think I would still have him today.

I have had 3 German Shepherds before in my life and had never had one that wanted to be so assertive, but Gelert Behaviour showed me how to listen to the needs of my dog and use the reward system to my advantage and not to use old fashioned methods, that only made him worse.

I now have a dog that walks at my side without pulling my arm off, listens to me and is a pleasure to have as my companion. Thank you Morag for everything you have done.


Despite having attended puppy training classes and the fact that we have trained previous dogs in our family, Loki was a challenge.

At 18 months old he had a strong, mercurial personality and had his own ideas about what he wanted to do.

Liz helped us to introduce the “retriever” into our Flatcoat Retriever & also to stop him pulling on the lead. He is even learning to go to his bed on command.

Through repeated practice of her indoor and outdoor training plan with Loki we also found our elderly Labrador learning alongside him.
We are continuing to follow her advice and he continues to learn from the gentle, fun and rewarding techniques.

I would highly recommend getting help from Liz whatever age your dog. It was enjoyable and it worked.


Sylvia, Steve and Coco

Altogether, I think things have improved a great deal.  Our conversation with you has given us new ideas and helped us to focus on Coco’s behaviour and enabled us to manage her better.  I think the changes are more about us and our behaviour than Coco’s behaviour, which doesn’t surprise me.  You have helped us to be better guardians and I hope that we will continue to improve.

Chris, Cotswold RAW

We would not hesitate to recommend your services to our clients having seen first-hand the benefits of your work and that so many of our clients have seen.

Your positivity, friendly and professional advice has been a huge asset to us, our customers and for many of our retail store staff. Your work with the RFVS has been central to a more united and co-ordinated raw feeding community in the UK. Plus you are a great person to have a cup of tea with!