We are lucky to be able to offer a safe space for you to come and focus on your dog’s needs along with your skills to support them.

We offer 3 days of one to one practical training in an environment where there are no other dogs other than our own (who your dog needn’t even see), and to extend that into very quiet local walks provided your dog can cope well enough (and your skills are suitable, of course !)

The 3 Day Schedule


You will arrive on the first afternoon after lunch and we’ll review where your dog is at present as well as your current skills.  Then we can plan what to do the next day. This will give your dog a chance to settle into the environment and get to know us a little.

There will be four approximately one hour long sessions on each of the next two days.  The activities will be chosen to meet your dog’s needs and give you chance to practise a range of skills that need to be in your tool box for supporting your dog. 

 You will receive notes with links to useful resources and video clips of practical skills to remind you at home.  These will help you to review your progress and if necessary, we will liaise with your vet regarding any issues arising needing their attention.

The final morning will be a review of what has been learnt, and, if suitable for your dog, a “real life” walk to practise in context.  You will leave late morning.

What is included:

All teaching, full board and lodging.  

You and your dog will stay in our isolated farmhouse in a comfortable room with an adjacent sitting room and private shower room. Please note that there are beams and low ceilings, and your rooms are upstairs.

A continental breakfast, morning coffee and biscuits, a light lunch, afternoon tea and cake and finally supper are all freshly prepared by our wonderful cook and served in your rooms. 

Your Dog:

It’s essential that your dog is happy to settle in your car, or in your room or in their crate in the training room in order to rest between training sessions.  This will be a very intense few days for you and your dog and they must be able to rest independently.  

They need to be able to cope with hearing the odd bark from my very elderly collie as he has dementia. He will be in an entirely separate part of the house from you and your dog.

They need to be comfortable with your support in a strange environment, and able to manage a carpeted staircase.

You must show your third party liability insurance for your dog, so we are covered if we leave our own premises.

The Cost:

The total cost for the three days is £1305.

If you are a paying member of RDUK, then on confirmation of your membership by the admins, you will gain a discount of £150 making the total £1155.

For non-paying RDUK members, again on confirmation from the admin team, you will gain a £70 discount making the total £1235.

A 50% deposit will be required to secure your place, which is non-returnable unless in an exceptional situation we have to cancel your booking.  At our discretion, in certain circumstances we will rearrange your booking if possible.

Dates can be found on {(this calendar) < that will be a link on the website once it’s fixed. } and the calendar link will be given to paying RDUK members in the first instance.