Hi Ralph Fans,

Me again, well WHAT a day!!

The fosterer human has been something called “busy” today. That seems to mean that she races in, we do a lesson and she runs away again, and she’s done it LOTS.

She said my lessons were going to be harder today, well, do you know something? SHE LIED!! They were easy peasy (for a smart dog like me!)

All I had to do was the same lesson as yesterday, but outside.

It was hard the first time, because she wouldn’t let me look at the birds in the bushes, or the people walking past, but then I realised she had some new stuff for me. OH MY WORD it’s delicious!! It’s in a funny tube, and I can only lick a little bit at a time, but honestly, I will do ANYTHING I can to get more.

So now I have worked out that I have to look at her when she says my name (even if there are birds in the bushes) and that I can lick the special tube if I walk beside her. The man human lets me walk where I want, he got told off for that but I didn’t, ha, ha.

She told me today that I am wearing horse’s reins for my walk-lessons, because they have two ends and she’s lost her two ended lead !! Really, I need to get a more organised set of humans as soon as possible, what if she gives me horse-food next? YUCK!!

Do you know, I’ve just realised something! She is in my room doing paperwork. I thought she wasn’t thinking about me, but she seems to be, because every so often, she clicks and lets me lick the yummy tube, I have NO IDEA why. I stood up at the desk to see, and got sent to bed for a minute. Then I was allowed out, and the clicks happened, so I stood up to see why, and got put to bed for a minute. Now I’m curled up on the sofa, and she keeps clicking and giving me the tube. This is VERY confusing, I’m going to eat my yummy dinner now and think about it some more.

Thank you, Mr Cotswold Raw, your dinners are so delicious, I eat them up very very fast now!

Here’s a picture of me with something I found in my bedroom – guess what? It had TUNA in it, loads of it, yum yum!

Love and licks,