Canine Wellness and Behaviour with Dr Isla Fishburn

Date(s) - Sat, September 1 2018 - Sun, September 9 2018
10:00am - 4:00pm

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I am delighted to announce that my dear friend Dr Isla Fishburn has agreed to travel south to give us her 4 day canine wellness and balanced behaviour course! This is truly an opportunity not to be missed, as reviews of Isla’s work will show you.

The course is split in to two weekends which I hope will make it easier for people to attend.

Isla’s course is for anyone that is involved with dogs, as a guardian or as a professional. It shares her extensive knowledge and expertise as a zoologist, conservation biologist and from working with large groups of captive wolves, as well as with dogs.

Isla’s course is nothing to do with how to teach our dogs to do something.  The course focuses on subjects that need to be understood before we look at teaching.

Isla’s course focuses on how we can create healthy, peaceful and harmonious dogs, interactions, relationships and lifestyle. Isla’s course focuses on something she has developed over many years of learning that I have been privileged to share, and now want to share with as many dog people as possible. Her course will make you have a deeper connect not just with dogs, but life itself!

Hot drinks, cake and fruit will be provided each day, please bring a packed lunch.