Hi Everyone,

My name is Ralph. Well, I think my name is Ralph, it was Benji and before that Banjo, but I asked for this name, because, well, I am Ralph, like Ralph Fiennes !

So, let me explain. I am 8 months old and I am a Bedlington Terrier boy. I have lived with more humans than I can count on my paws, and I’d really like to have a human or family to call my very own, please.

The last-but-one humans I lived with were SO lovely, but I didn’t like their other dogs, and they certainly didn’t like me. They tried really hard to find me a lovely forever home, but it didn’t work out because the person didn’t understand that I need lots of help, so I am now with something called a fosterer.

I like her, because she listens to me. And I like that I have my very own room and my very own bed. And there’s a man who plays with me and some other dogs who are leaving me alone for now, which I’m a bit sad about because one of them could be like my mum. Apparently I have to learn my manners before I can meet them.

BEST OF ALL I like my lessons. I have been here a day and a half, and I’ve been allowed to sleep nearly all the time. Then, I come out of my bedroom for a few minutes, and – get this – all I have to do is LOOK at the fosterer, and she gives me cheese!! How cool is that?! (She has told me this will get harder, but I’m not going to worry about that for now.)

It’s a bit annoying when my lessons stop, and I have to go back in my bedroom so I have a few woofs, but then I need to sleep, so I don’t go on.

It’s ok, because I get my food in there. I’m so lucky, some lovely people at Cotswold Raw (www.cotswoldraw.com) have given me lots of yummy healthy dinners – they’re not like my old food, and I wasn’t quite sure what I was supposed to do with them to start with – I got a bit stuck to my foot, gosh, that made me cross ! – but now I want MORE AND MORE, please !

I need to go back to sleep now – it’s been very tiring travelling and meeting new people and starting my lessons, but I will tell you more about me tomorrow. Here are some pictures of me in my new harness – the fosterer says I will soon have a proper collar to match so I don’t look such a scruff – cheek!!

Love and licks,